How NOVATERRA is contributing to continuous improvement

At NOVATERRA, we’re dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions for agriculture, and we are fortunate to have SOGRAPE as a member of the consortium.  In recent years, SOGRAPE has been at the forefront of developing cutting-edge methods to protect vineyards against the grape berry moth, a common pest that poses significant challenges to grape cultivation.


In 2021 and 2022, SOGRAPE conducted trials at vineyards in Quinta do Seixo, in the Douro region in Portugal, as part of the NOVATERRA project. The focus was on evaluating the efficacy and residuality of a new biodegradable Lobesia Mating Disruption Technologies in grapes. These innovative technologies, tested under a commercial agreement between M2i Lifesciences® and Corteva® Agriscience, aimed to provide farmers with effective tools to control L. botrana, particularly under low to medium pest pressure conditions.


While the results showed promising efficacy profiles for the new technologies, especially in regions with moderate pest pressure, such as Douro, where maintaining grape quality is paramount for producing high-quality Port wine, some challenges were identified during the experiments. Issues such as the need for multiple personnel to change bottles, lengthy re-pressurisation times, and the lack of standardised application doses were noted. Additionally, concerns were raised about the consistency and effectiveness of pheromone spot placement, with cracking bark of grapevines posing a risk of gel degradation.


It’s important to note that these challenges have not yet been addressed in the current solution offered by Bayer®, which maintains the same application method tested during the NOVATERRA trials in 2021 and 2022.


At NOVATERRA, we believe in continuous innovation and improvement. By addressing the identified challenges and refining our approaches, we strive to develop sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of farmers while minimising environmental impact. Together with our partners, we remain committed to driving positive change in agriculture and fostering a more sustainable future for all.


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