What is the Stakeholders Network?

In line with its multi-actor approach, the constitution of a Stakeholders Network represents a fundamental pillar of the NOVATERRA project. This network will consist of a broad representation of different roles and entities, who: i) are interested in the thematic of the project for different reasons, ii) possess very relevant knowledge, and/or iii) are fundamental actors whose data needs to be obtained, analysed and addressed, in order to comply with NOVATERRA objectives.

The network will be active during and after the execution of the project, thus enabling tools to remain active after the finalisation of NOVATERRA. The participation in the Stakeholders Network must be formalized through a letter of commitment.

The stakeholders’ network is structured in five groups of actors

  • Experts Committee – Wine sector
  • Experts Committee – Olive Oil sector
  • Policy Makers
  • Citizens, consumers, farmers
  • Auxiliary industry

The objectives of the participants in the Stakeholders Network will be the following:

  1. Receive NOVATERRA communications on the project and its progress, as well as invitations to some project events.
  2. Provide feedback to the project.
  3. Gain exclusive and primary access to project results, receive project updates and newsletters.
  4. Participate in the diagnostic analysis proposed, in order to identify needs, problems, regulatory and regulatory aspects, mainly through surveys and calls; but it could also be evaluated through focus group meetings.
  5. Provide specific consultant and advice on Technical developments, at researchers’ request.
  6. Participate in technical and economic integration activities; through specific focus group meetings, such as: evaluation of stakeholders’ acceptance of different alternatives and Willingness to pay of consumers.
  7. Actively participate in the approach to the exploitation plans of the Project partners, giving feedback as requested by partners, as well as in the design of an Open Access Platform.
  8. Participate, lead, and attend most of the communication and dissemination actions.
  9. Participate in General Assemblies, giving the opportunity to present topics on olive and wine industry and/or other affairs aligned with NOVATERRA project.

Through these actions, important feedback will be obtained from the different stakeholders identified, which will be transmitted to the relevant project partners, so that researchers can have famer-consumer-industry insights, to be considered in their specific developments.

Levels of participation

  • General Stakeholders, who are expected to get involved in the above-mentioned objectives – the level of involvement can be adapted to each situation. There is no obligation to participate in every activity and no deliverables are expected from the general stakeholders. When participating to project activities, registrations will always be free but travel and accommodations, if relevant, will be at the stakeholders’ own charge.
  • Members of the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC). The SAC will constitute an external support from an advanced panel of experts (maximum 10 experts) in different matters related to the NOVATERRA project. These stakeholders will sign an NDA and will have mandatory tasks, like the participation to some relevant meetings. Some travel fees will be covered by the consortium for the SAC members.

The communication objectives for the NOVATERRA Stakeholder Network

The project partners will regularly exchange with the Stakeholder Network in order to:

  • Ensure that stakeholders are aware of the project, understand its aim and objectives and the results it will deliver.
  • Ensure that the project takes into account stakeholders’ realities through the sharing of their field experience.
  • Raise general awareness of the project activities.
  • Develop a will amongst the stakeholders to take up project findings and solutions developed and increase the impact of the project.
  • Compile a set of recommendations defining best practices and best integrated management strategies.
  • Support the discussions and exchange on the development and achievement of NOVATERRA solutions.
  • Support the identification and recruitment of stakeholders and experts that would benefit from and contribute to the projects’ activities.
  • Promote and disseminate the deliverables developed by the project.
  • Interact with the stakeholders through a dedicated LinkedIn group only for NOVATERRA stakeholders

Who can become a member and how?

Participation in the NOVATERRA Stakeholders Network is open to all organisations interested in exchanging ideas and knowledge, and providing information and data necessary to help the ongoing research.

Individuals and organisations from the groups of actors invited to join the Stakeholder Network include:

  • International organisations for Wine and Olive Production
  • Research institutions for Vine/Wine, Olive/Olive trees
  • National and international farmers associations
  • Denominations of Origin or geographical indications
  • Public bodies, ministries and policy makers involved in plant protection products/integrated pest management
  • Producers
  • Consumer associations
  • Plant protection products producers
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers
  • Agri-tech companies
  • Industry associations, etc

Membership in the Stakeholder Network is free.

Interested stakeholders are requested to register by filling the form below. A project partner will then contact you to send you the official consent form to be returned completed and signed.

Procedures for the protection of personal data

The NOVATERRA consortium takes its responsibility to protect all collected personal data through the registration process. The consortium has therefore developed a procedure to address ethics regarding the protection of personal data.

All Stakeholders that registered their interest through a support letter or via this consent form are added to the list of Stakeholder Network members as well as to the mailing lists for NOVATERRA communications. These lists may be used by the NOVATERRA WP Leaders to interact with all the stakeholders subscribed, giving each member a chance to participate in the project.

Stakeholders Network members’ contact information is to remain confidential and only accessible to members of the NOVATERRA Project consortium, unless stakeholders have given their consent to share their contact information amongst the NOVATERRA Stakeholders Network. Stakeholders may exercise their rights related to their personal data (access, rectification, deletion) by contacting NOVATERRA at maria-isabel.cisneros@vitagora.com.

Are you interested in joining NOVATERRA’s Stakeholders Network? Fill in this form below and we’ll get back to you asap!