Welcome to the NOVATERRA community!

Join our Stakeholders Network and become a valued member of a dynamic community united by a shared commitment to drive sustainable transformation in Mediterranean vineyards and olive groves.  As a key pillar of NOVATERRA, the Stakeholders Network thrives on active participation during and beyond the project’s lifespan. We believe in building lasting tools and connections that endure well after the end of the project.

Our exchanges with the Stakeholders Network aim to:

The NOVATERRA consortium extends an open invitation to individuals and organisations with an interest in sharing ideas and knowledge, and contributing to the project’s ongoing research efforts.

We particularly welcome the active participation of:

As member of the NOVATERRA’s Stakeholders Network, you will have the opportunity to shape the direction of the project and enhance its results, unlocking a world of advantages:

1.     Gain primary access to project’s results.

2.     Stay informed about NOVATERRA’s work.

3.     Provide direct feedback to the project.

4.     Participate in diagnostic analyses, advising on technical developments, and more!

Our Stakeholder Advisory Committee

Becoming a member of the NOVATERRA’s Stakeholders Network is easy: simply fill in our consent form below! Your involvement matters, and we look forward to welcoming you into the NOVATERRA community.