How can we improve pest control and vineyard health through green and flower covers

Although in a wine-growing region such as that of northwestern Spain, with high soil humidity and fertility, natural green covers are frequent and are made up of abundant plant species, not all of them have a beneficial effect for the vineyards planted there.

Thanks to one of the trials of the NOVATERRA project, where by seeding the inter-rows spaces with selected species to achieve a specific ground cover, and also incorporating certain floral species that are common in the area, we will seek an effect against the natural enemy insects of the vineyard to evaluate the benefit in the management and control of pests more usual and that affect the vines.

The possible increase in the populations of pollinators and beneficial insects in general, will generate greater biodiversity in the vineyard, an increase in the presence of auxiliary fauna, which could lead to a reduction in the damage to the vineyard caused by the different pests.

An example will be the control of Lobesia Botrana, an insect that causes serious damage to the vineyard and that with this test developed within the NOVATERRA project, will allow us to know the beneficial effect of green and flower covers.