Transferring results to Galician farmers

Members of the NOVATERRA consortium recently organised a capacity-building workshop in Galicia, with the objective of transferring the results of the project to Galician farmers.

Firstly, the Wine Technology Platform (PTV) gave a brief presentation of the project. This was followed by a vineyard visit to showcase the project’s field trials and a demonstration of the modular robot by INESC TEC. Emilio Rodríguez Canas then presented the results of experiments conducted at Terras Gauda, focusing on the role of cover crops in vineyards. José Alberto Pereira from the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança shared insights on the influence of cover crops on auxiliary fauna and their role in protecting crops from pests.

Additionally, results from another winery in the project (from D.O. Ribera del Duero) were presented by Gonzalo Sacristán from the Universidad de Burgos. To conclude the workshop, Raquel Abad from Corteva Agriscience presented results on an N fixer/stabilizer in soils (Instinct – Optynite technology).