NOVATERRA partners with RATION to develop safe and environmentally friendly methods for plant protection

NOVATERRA and RATION have joined forces in a shared commitment to addressing pressing issues in agriculture and promoting sustainable solutions.

RATION (Risk Assessment Innovation for Low-Risk Pesticides) aims to address a pressing issue at EU level, the regulatory constraints that hinder the full potential and commercial reach of low-risk pesticides. The category of low-risk pesticides includes plant extracts, semiochemicals such as pheromones and allelochemicals, microbial pesticides and novel microbial solutions. RATION aims to develop a new, practical, research-based risk assessment scheme, supported by the necessary guidance on methods and tools, tailored to the specific characteristics of established and emerging PLR solutions.

Meanwhile, NOVATERRA, aims eliminate or significantly reduce the use of contentious plant protection products, commonly known as pesticides. The project is focusing on Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards through a series of case studies.

Despite their distinct objectives, the collaboration between NOVATERRA and RATION underscores a joint dedication to fostering innovation, sustainability, and resilience within the agricultural sector. By working together, they don’t only share a commitment to reduce pesticide impact but also represent a significant advancement in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture and human health.