Raising Awareness for a healthier and more Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture plays a crucial role in global health, but the thoughtless use of plant protection products raises concerns for both the environment and human health. It is important to balance food production with sustainable and safe practices, minimising the risks associated with phytosanitary products. Continued research is essential to develop agricultural methods that support both human and environmental health. Creating awareness amongst farmers and especially consumers is crucial.

The NOVATERRA project focuses on studying and implementing new sustainable strategies integrated into three areas:

i) development of alternative non-synthetic product combinations and biological control techniques for plant protection;

ii) optimisation of dosage and application of plant protection products through SMART FARMING technologies and

iii) minimisation/elimination of the occurrence of pests and diseases using new soil management strategies.

These areas of activity will result in combinations of solutions to update and improve integrated protection strategies that will be evaluated and validated. APPITAD, along with other partner entities of the NOVATERRA project, will promote a workshop with a significant impact on public opinion to disseminate the so far achieved results and disseminate alternative practices to the use of plant protection products in agricultural production.