NOVATERRA’s breakthroughs unveiled at last month’s general assembly

Last month, NOVATERRA reached a significant milestone as consortium members convened in person for a general assembly in Bologna. The assembly served to assess the project’s achievements, progress, and outline the next steps, marking a pivotal moment one year before the project’s conclusion. 

Felicidad de Herralde, the project coordinator, shared key insights and results with local stakeholders, highlighting the project’s dedicated commitment to actively engaging with stakeholders and soliciting their valuable feedback. The expansive network comprises 93 stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, including farmers, producers, researchers, and representatives from industry and agricultural chambers.

As a compelling addition to the assembly agenda, participants delved into the field to explore tangible solutions for sustainable agriculture. The team from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), a consortium member leading the work package “New soil management strategies for improving crop health with less chemicals,” provided a demonstration on the strategic use of cover crops and floral margins. This innovative approach, when applied to our olive groves, has proven to significantly enhance the biological control of pests.

The on-site exploration illuminated the practical applications of sustainable agricultural practices, underscoring the consortium’s dedication to bridging the gap between theory and implementation. In the aftermath of the general assembly, the NOVATERRA consortium is poised to leverage these insights and collaborations to propel the project towards even greater success. The commitment to engaging stakeholders, coupled with practical solutions observed in the field, positions NOVATERRA as a pioneering force in advancing sustainable agriculture practices.