Novaterra is delighted to welcome a new stakeholder to its community ! 

Zero Residui is an Italian non-profit environmental organisation that promotes sustainable farming practices and the reduction of chemical residues in food production. They serve as a platform to raise awareness, educate consumers, and support farmers in adopting environmentally friendly techniques.

Their main activities are:

– Promoting and disseminating the “Zero Residui” (Zero Residues) volunteer certification within the Italian agri-food supply chains. The certification signifies a commitment to minimizing and eliminating the presence of chemical residues in food . 

– Giving priority to and adopting alternative crop and pest control methods that support the absence of synthetic chemical residues in both raw and processed food products.

 – Advocating the Zero Residui project in Europe by collaborating with similar entities and networks.

– Fostering a more sustainable agri-food sector, safeguarding common resources such as water and energy, preserving soil fertility, protecting landscapes, and combating climate change. 

Additionally, Zero Residui collaborates with farmers, agricultural associations, and other technical stakeholders to develop and implement strategies that promote sustainable agriculture. The Association, in collaboration with the Partners, provides training and technical support to farmers interested in transitioning to organic farming or adopting alternative pest control methods.