Importance of cover crops and floral margins in vineyards

The importance of soil health is well known in agricultural processes. In particular in Mediterranean vineyards, a good soil management represents a very important agricultural practice. The main objective of this Subtask 4.3.1. and 4.3.2 is to evaluate the beneficial effects on the incorporation of cover crops and floral margins in Mediterranean vineyards. The incorporation of cover crops and floral margins has several beneficial effects among wich stands out the maintainance of soil humidity and temperature;

nutrients provision and fixation of the soil strucuture. These benefits will be measured from yield and quality production and also in terms of increase of biodiversity. For this pourpose University of Burgos aims to improve soil quality and health parameters incorparating and monitoring novelty strategies in soil management.

This assesment will performed by case studies developed in Aster vineyard placed in DO Ribera del Duero, an international quality wine area of Spain. In the rows of the vineyard we introduced a floral mix of herbaceous species (90%) and pollinating insects attractant wildflowers (10%). In other four row replicates, we added a mix of a gramineous specie (80%), Brachypodium dystachium, and leguminous species (20%). As control treatment, we compared other four row replicates with natural vegetation and also without vegetation. The main expected result is to compare the beneficial effects of the incorporation of the mentioned floral mix in the Mediterranean vineyards, in particular in a vineyard placed in D.O. Ribera del Duero. We expect to improve the yield and quality production on Mediterranean vineyard.