Have a look at NOVATERRA's deliverables and due dates by Work Package!

Work Package 1

Best practice guide: Ethics and Social implications for NOVATERRA – 31/03/2021
Report and Diagnosis on stakeholders’ needs, acceptance, market – 30/09/2021

Work Package 3

Advanced Decision Support System for disease and pest monitoring and control in Olives and Vineyards – 31/03/2022

Work Package 4

Report on innovative soil management strategies defined for reduction of chemical inputs – 31/03/2021
Report in innovative soil management strategies tests – 30/09/2023

Work Package 5

Web-based tool with indicators to evaluate and predict level of adoption of the alternatives to contentious PPPs in Vineyard and Olive – 31/03/2024
Report on results of consumer willingness to pay and purchase intention for products from sustainable agriculture management – 31/03/2024
Report on results of the cost Benefit Analysis and factors affecting the stakeholders’ adoption of the contentious plant protection products – 31/03/2024
Report on the indicator’s web-based tool for measuring the crop management impact – 30/09/2024
NOVATERRA IPM strategies guide for olive – 30/09/2024
NOVATERRA IPM strategies guide for vineyards – 30/09/2024
Assessment on transfer solutions to other crops in Europe – 30/09/2024
Guide on good practices for results protection and exploitation – 30/09/2024

Work Package 6

Data Management Plan – 31/03/2021

Work Package 7

Aggregate report on NOVATERRA events and conferences presence – 30/09/2024
Aggregate report on NOVATERRA Workshops and Training Actions performance – 30/09/2024
List of newsletters issued and press clipping – 30/09/2024
Dissemination and Communication videos – 30/09/2024

Work Package 8

White paper NOVATERRA project, for after project exploitation – 30/09/2024

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