The role of farmer’s associations in communicating and disseminating NOVATERRA results

The NOVATERRA project is pioneering novel, integrated, and sustainable strategies to reduce the use and adverse impacts of contentious Plant Protection Products (PPPs) in Mediterranean olive groves and vineyards.

With the overarching goal of disseminating its findings to as many farmers as possible and ensuring their adoption, NOVATERRA faces the challenge of providing timely access to information amidst the demanding nature of farmers’ technical and economic management. Here, the pivotal role of associations like APPITAD comes into play, serving as conduits for impactful agricultural practices.

APPITAD’s primary mission is to offer technical support to agricultural enterprises and facilitate privileged access to information. Collaborating closely with the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB), APPITAD assumes responsibility for disseminating innovative practices from the NOVATERRA project. Through various channels such as training sessions, publications, and online platforms, APPITAD engages with its 1400 members to raise awareness and promote environmentally sustainable practices.

Since the project’s inception, APPITAD has organised 25 training sessions focused on organic farming and the application of phytopharmaceutical products, directly reaching 409 trainees, farmers, and production agents. These efforts underscore the association’s commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability within agricultural communities.

In addition to training initiatives, APPITAD actively participates in information sessions and working groups with farmers to promote the adoption of NOVATERRA’s practices. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration, APPITAD plays a vital role in driving lasting change in agricultural practices.