NOVATERRA partners with Green Vineyards to make vineyards more sustainable 

The collaboration between NOVATERRA and Green Vineyards is rooted in a shared commitment to sustainable viticulture.

GREEN VINEYARDS (Upskilling wineries staff: Responding to the challenges of climate change) is an Erasmus project which aims to identify those environmental competencies required by wine workers to ensure a positive environmental footprint of their day-to-day activities in this primary sector industry. It’s funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union 

To achieve that objective, the project has defined the competencies necessary to ensure the sustainability of the activities carried out in wineries and vineyards, including the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to work in a sustainable economy.

To facilitate the acquisition of these skills by workers, an online training course has been developed, open to all the industry and accessible at  

Collaboration is key to tackling complex challenges and maximising the impact of creating a supportive ecosystem that encourages the adoption of sustainable practices at every level of the agricultural supply chain. By working together, NOVATERRA and Green Vineyards represent a significant advancement in the pursuit of sustainable agriculture and human health.