How can ozonated water protect vineyards?

Within the framework of the NOVATERRA project, we wanted to know more about the capacity of ozonated water to provide a solution for the protection of vineyards.

Ozonated water is known for its decontaminating and disinfecting power. This technology is used in the food industry in particular. Several manufacturers are interested in this functionality in order to use it as an alternative to synthetic fungicides.

To do this, two approaches are being evaluated. On the one hand, ozonated water as a formulation with a fungicidal effect on fungi (in particular powdery mildew because of its development on the surface of the organs). On the other hand, ozonated water as a disinfectant of the environment to promote the establishment of micro-organisms with a fungicidal effect or stimulation of plant defense.

The stability of ozonated water is low. Indeed, in contact with air the property of ozonated water (H2O2) is degraded to become water (H2O). 

The work carried out within the framework of NOVATERRA during the first two years consisted in identifying solutions of water ozonation and joint application. This work was carried out on an experimental scale at first and then on a vineyard scale. Thus, an equipment was installed on a vineyard sprayer to continuously produce ozonated water as it is applied. The device was working but the pollution of the tank by phytosanitary products prevented to have a sufficient concentration of ozonated water. An installation on a new sprayer is planned for next year.

In conclusion, although there are many hopes, the implementation of ozonated water technology remains complex.