Nanoparticles products, an interesting technology to fight against downy and powdery mildew in grapevines

The new formulations consist in the use of copper microencapsulates enhancing the adhesion and penetration of the product to the leaves. To maximize the effectiveness of cooper, the particle size is reduced. These small particles, referred as nanoparticles, allow a higher surface area to volume ratio. Compared to copper salt, the copper nanoparticles improve the antimicrobial activity and activate plant defenses developing an elicitor effect.

To assess if these new formulations with a lower concentration of the active substance, as Copper or Sulphur compounds, presented equivalent or higher efficacy than the current products against downy and powdery mildew fungal diseases.

The main benefit of this products is the dual effect on plants that on one hand, presented the antifungal effect derived from the active substance, and on the other has an elicitor effect stimulating the production of plant defenses increasing the protection of the plant from the fungal diseases attack. The main outcomes from these experiments are to test the efficacy of nanoparticles products providing valuable information to the growers about the possibility of applying these products having the enough guarantees to ensure yields and a good plant health.